The Thatcham Art Experience students benefit from the teaching of a number of very talented artists who are all working professionals

Mandy Monkcom

 Mandy Monkcom  comes from a family of South Oxfordshire artists and is currently pursuing her love of portraiture and takes commissions. She teaches pastels and drawing courses for TAE and has achieved excellent results with beginners and more experienced students alike.   There is always a waiting list for her courses!   Mandy has run pop-up galleries in Reading  and travelled widely not only as an artist but also as a very accomplished musician.

Sally Barton

Sally Barton (3)

Sally Barton  teaches watercolour painting for TAE.  She has worked as an illustrator, artist and visualiser for over 20 years, originally based in London and now in West Berkshire.  Watercolour remains her favoured medium, both to work in and to teach: ‘it’s an interesting style of painting to teach; it’s worth learning some basic ‘rules’ about painting in watercolour, to gain confidence, so that you can then go on and break them! I think that by keeping things simple to begin with, it’s a medium with which everyone can achieve things’. 

Sally has been commissioned to produce watercolours commercially for a wide range of clients, the most recent being for Highclere Castle in Berkshire.  Examples of her work can be seen at www.sallybarton.co.uk